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We chose Senior Insights because they helped provide aides for my mother in law a couple of years ago and the experience was great. We met with and put several aids in place who worked various schedules to help Mom with her daily activities. There was never an issue of someone not showing up for work. If one of the aids had a conflict with a shift, they simply worked it out among themselves. The consistency and commitment of the personnel made it possible for my sisters and I to be able to focus on our relationships with our Mom while we were with her at her house and also to be confident that when we were not there she was being well cared for.

– Lisa O.


Cameron did a complete assessment of my mother's living situation and recommended that she move to a retirement community because of safety concerns. We could not be happier...with the retirement community and with Cameron's thoroughness and professionalism.

– Cathy G.


My siblings and I live far from our mother, who now lives in a healthcare facility. Although we visit her frequently, having Cameron check in three or four times a week is invaluable. She takes Mom on drives and out shopping, enjoys conversations, snacks, and laughs with her, and enriches Mom's life. Cameron's reports give us a more complete picture of how Mom is doing between our visits.

– Will J.


Handling the medical and emotional needs of family is stressful and complicated. You simply cannot do it alone. Senior lnsights provides the assistance you desire and the support you need, from companionship to tight housekeeping. Cameron Oglesby provided the guidance and support my family needed at a critical time.

– J. Shepherd


Jane helps Mom prepare meals. She is so positive, personable and attentive. She's wonderful and we feel very blessed that she wants to work with us.

– Marsha L.