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Live Life On Your Own Terms


Perhaps you simply need assistance with coordinating services to keep your home functioning. Whether it is finding household appliances, repair personnel, or landscapers, Senior Insights is devoted to handling the little tasks that become frustrating as you age.

Once our assessment process determines your needs, we'll create a care plan. Senior lnsights provides access to anything from nurses or nursing aides, nutritional services, safety equipment installations in your home, and referrals for physical, occupational therapy, driver, and wheelchair services.

Your plan will be based on your unique needs, and nothing else. Your care will be based on your needs and financial situation and adjusted as those things change over time. Period.

coordinated care

Not just care, but a coordinated care plan.

Senior lnsights coordinates your care:

  • with your needs, as determined by our assessment
  • with your schedule
  • with your hobbies, interests, activities, and social life
  • with your health needs

We'll accompany you to doctor appointments, make sure your doctors know about any health changes that our weekly monitoring discovered, and then make sure your caregivers and family know all about your doctors' latest recommendations.

Senior lnsights helps you feel fulfilled and engaged, with a greater sense of connection.

And it frees your family to concentrate on what's really important: you.


Every step of the way, we make sure you receive the quality of care you want and need.

We check on you weekly to track any changes in your needs, health, and psychosocial status.

We communicate health changes to your medical providers. And we keep your family members updated with reports on how you're doing.

changing needs

Needs change over time.

When they do, we can help you manage them.

Our careful, ongoing checks of your health and your services help us spot needs as they arise. lf the time comes that you can no longer live at home, we'll help you cut through the confusing maze of senior housing options with the neutral analysis you need to make an informed decision.


There are plenty of senior housing options: apartment complexes, independent communities, assisted living communities, continuing care retirement communities, nursing homes. Knowing what's best can be confusing.

We have extensive experience in the senior housing industry and by knowing your specific needs, we give you and your family a neutral analysis of your options, complete with each option's advantages and drawbacks. With this information in hand, you can make the most informed decision.


Rather than specializing in one or two services, we offer an entire spectrum. But whether it's light housekeeping, a nurse or certified nursing aide, or a driver to take you on errands, the caregivers we recommend share important qualities.

  • Each specializes in your needs and works with your schedule.
  • Each is reliable and has gone through extensive background investigations.

Your care is as important to us as it is to you. That's why we offer a wide range of specialized home caregivers from which to choose.


ln addition to coordinating transportation to and from your doctor visits, we accompany you to these visits. We share with your healthcare providers and family:

  • up-to-date information about your health we learned from our weekly checks with you and your caregivers
  • information about changes in your medication

Home health agencies generally don't provide this kind of coordination. But we do because we know how important this is to your overall wellbeing.


Maybe all you need is someone to do light housekeeping, cook for when you have guests, or take you to the supermarket or to your weekly bridge club.

We can provide companion care to do any or all of that, to keep you engaged, connected and active.


We're committed to helping you enjoy your life-and filling out insurance claims forms isn't enjoyable.

So we can take care of the paperwork and work with your long-term care insurance carrier to make sure you get your benefits.


While your legal needs aren't as urgent as your health needs, they're no less important.

Whether it's a will, estate planning, a Power of Attorney, an Advance Directive, a long-term care insurance policy, or a specialized medical or healthcare provider we're happy to refer you to qualified professionals.

Our recommendations are objective; we neither ask for nor receive referral fees.