No two people are identical, and aging doesn't change that. Different people have different needs, and our detailed assessment determines what those needs are. The assessment includes interviews with the senior and his or her family and covers three areas with major effects on seniors' lives: physical, psychosocial and mental status. Through these assessment tools, we identify the gaps in the senior's safety net.

The information we gather includes:

  • current health conditions and diagnoses
  • medication regimen
  • physician recommendations
  • vision, speech and hearing
  • home safety issues
  • mobility issues
  • nutritional needs
  • ability to perform daily activities
  • mental health issues
  • legal wishes (Advanced Directives, Do Not Resuscitate orders, financial status, and
  • burial preferences)

After the assessment, you will know:

  • whether living at home or at a senior facility is best
  • how to address safety issues in the home
  • options available regarding senior-living facilities
  • what care is needed, and who is best suited to deliver it
  • fees and costs associated with the recommended services