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  • Cameron Oglesby

Playing word games may be good for your brain

It's not just word games like Wordle, Connections, Spelling Bee, and words With Friends. And it's not just newspaper crosswords like the New York Times or Washington Post. And it's even games like Scrabble, number games like sudoku and chess.

A 68-year-long study found that playing analog games was linked to better cognitive health in old age. Another study found that doing crosswords delayed dementia an average of two and a half years. And yet another study found that playing sudoku was linked to higher memory scores.

So it would appear that games are really beneficial to brain health.

Dr. Elana Clar, a neurologist at New Jersey Brain and Spine, couldn't agree more. "While there are many variables that contribute to 'brain health' – incuding nutrition, exercise and community engagement – stimulating activities such as learning a new language, acquiring new new skill set, or playing word games also have an important role in supporting cognitive vitality," she says.

Clar also says that when it comes to brain health, playing games with other people is a twofer. "Adding a social element to any game...can improve energy and mood, both of which play a critical role in staying mentally sharp."

Social connections, like playing games, are just two of many factors in healthy aging. "Word games will not improve brain healt in isolation," Clar warns. "It is only one ingredient in the recipe for success."

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